The Golden Ratio was expressed by constructing an  overlay application of ink on clear acetate placed on to of a hand drawn color pencil rendering of a rose.

                                      Piece By Student Marcos Rodriguez

"I am as passionate about teaching as I am about all things design.  In my classroom, I believe in creating a dynamic & challenging design studio environment.  Students need to know that being constantly curious about the world around them is of utmost importance in order to be an architect or designer, as learning is a life-long endeavor.”  D. Ochoa

       In my courses, I work with the beginner, the expert, and the artisan alike.  Each student is encouraged to take an experimental, multifaceted approach to their studies while they are on their personal journey of critical thinking, and developing design skills while learning hand drawing/, architectural drafting, color rendering, and using software, laser cutters, 3-D printing to produce their designs.  Students develop design research techniques, applications of the basic elements & principles of design, & skills in building physical  3-D physical models. 

I often mentor my students, & other teacher's students, in order to pass on my diverse design business background, skills and insights.  colleagues & like minded people.

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